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Legendary Deliverance frontman Jimmy P. Brown II releases 'Eraserhead'

In the world of metal, Jimmy P. Brown II holds a legendary, esteemed position as the frontman and leader of the epic, artistic thrash band, Deliverance! Having always tried to appease the Deliverance fans of the early years (crunchy thrash) and the later albums (the artistic/progressive years) Jimmy always felt torn between the two fan bases. With JIMMY P. BROWN II's "ERASERHEAD" album the members of Deliverance who created such masterpieces as River Disturbance, Learn, and Camelot in Smithereens come together again in full force and better than ever! Melody, progression, and lyrics with depth and vitality Jimmy P. Brown has released an epic masterpiece that is the pinnacle of his long and heralded metal legacy. The album will release on Retroactive Records on both CD and Vinyl on April 20th, 2018. Fans can sign up for release updates at the Retroactive Records official store Also releasing on Retroative Recpords in 2018 and early 2019 will be the following Deliverance albums WHAT A JOKE (Vinyl) STAY OF EXECUTION (Vinyl) RIVER DISTURBANCE (CD / Vinyl) Fall 2018 LEARN (CD / Vinyl) CAMELOT IN SMITHEREENS (CD / Vinyl) ASSIMILATION (CD / Vinyl) AS ABOVE~SO BELOW (CD / Vinyl) HEAR WHAT I SAY (CD / Vinyl)


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