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ZO2, the powerhouse trio known for their electrifying live performances and T.V show “Z Rock”, is back and ready to captivate audiences once again. Breaking the silence with a new release, "Begin Again," the band takes its first steps back into the spotlight with their brand new label, Kivel Records.


"Begin Again" is more than just an album title; it's a declaration of a new era for ZO2. This 27- song (Two CD set) album not only introduces brand new tracks that showcase the band's evolution but also unveils previously unreleased gems that provide a nostalgic glimpse into their musical journey as well as a special live bonus track. This is the perfect package to satisfy the band's loyal fan base, while being a perfect introductory for new ones as well. The album's title is a testament to ZO2's commitment to closing the chapter on the past while paying homage to the legacy that has defined them. It's not only the beginning of a new chapter for ZO2 but a heartfelt tribute to their late brother and bandmate, David Z.

 ZO2 Begin Again

"This album is testimony to our collective journey, a celebration of the new, and a respectful nod to where we've been," says ZO2. "It's a way to honor the memory of David Z and to continue the musical legacy we built together."

Released on December 5th, "Begin Again" promises a sonic experience like never before. With an eclectic mix of styles that showcases the band's versatility and musical prowess.


"We're thrilled to be partnering with Kivel Records for this new chapter in our musical

journey," says ZO2. "This album represents a fresh start for us, and we can't wait for our fans to join us as we 'Begin Again'."

Kivel Records, known for its commitment to supporting artists on their creative ventures, is equally excited about the collaboration. "ZO2 brings a unique energy to Kivel Records' stable of artists. 'Begin Again' is evidence of their artistry and resilience, and we're honored to be part of this exciting new chapter," says the label's president John Kivel.

Welcome a new dawn for ZO2, when "Begin Again" is released December 5th on Kivel Records.


Purchase ZO2 Begin Again at

ZO2 Members:

Paulie Z

Joey Cassata

Sean McNabb



1. Begin Again

2. Temptation

3. Living Now

4. Dirty Water

5. Radio

6. Fly On Your Wings

7. Isolate

8. She Believes

9. If You See Kay

10. Ain’t It Beautiful

11. Comin’ Home

12. Everywhere

13. Get Up Now

14. Painted Lady

15. Show Me

16. No Way Out

17. Infinity Rising



1. Z Rock Theme

2. A Million Pieces

3. I Will Be Alright

4. Heart of Confusion

5. That’s What’s Up

6. All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose

7. Complicated

8. One Love

9. Live Today

10. Waitin’ for the Bus/Jesus Just left Chicago


Begin Again: new song written and produced by Paulie Z / mixed by Patrick Burkholder /

mastered by Dave Donelly / recorded by Paulie Z, Joey Cassata and Sean McNabb



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