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Welsh Rockers RAIDER Release Debut Album ‘Runaway’

‘Runaway’ is the debut album released by the Welsh rock band Raider. The album features ten tracks of anthemic stadium-esque rock music with blistering guitar solos, high soaring vocals and atmospheric keyboards. The album has been likened to that of a love letter to a decade that inspires the band more than any other - the eighties. Each track on the album proudly showcases it’s influences and does not shy away from the style whatsoever. Above all of else, melody is the key focus on the album with songs such as ‘Runaway’, ‘Changes’ and ‘Give It All You Got’ providing the perfect soundtrack for the summer. The album is available to listen to across all major streaming platforms and can be purchased on CD through the Raider bandcamp page.

The South Wales based hard rock band formed summer 2017. Bassist Jon Winter and rhythm guitarist Marc Campbell started writing music that would eventually become Raider.

After former drummer Luke Naimi went on to work with such bands as Roachford, and in need of a new vocalist, they approached Mike Platt.

A long time singer, songwriter and performer, Mike would make his claim to fame as a contestant on the 2019 The Voice U.K. and plough his way through to team Tom Jones and the battle rounds.

His cover of “Show Me Heaven” went on to gain over 400k views on YouTube.

The band would enter the studio in late 2019 and release their first EP Tokyo in summer 2020. It was distributed via American label Swords and Chains and would go on to sell out in Japan and Germany.

2021 saw a change in the lineup with James Went on lead guitars. James, a BAFTA award winner for his work with magician Derren Brown and seasoned guitarist known for collaboration with such artists as Bumblefoot, he would enter the studio with new drummer Stephen Symmonds and begin work on the up coming album, Runaway.

Runaway was released digitally on in June of 2022 and on physical CD in July 2022.

Band Line Up:

Mike Platt - Vocals

James Went - Lead Guitar

Marc Campbell - Rhythm Guitar

Aled Rhys Evans - Keyboard

Jon Winter - Bass Guitar

Stephen Symonds - Drums

CD Track Listing:

1- Dusk Till Dawn

2- High Speed Woman

3- Runaway

4- Come and Get It

5- Feel the Night

6- We Had Tonight

7- Sidewinder

8- Changes

9- Memories

10- Give It All You Got

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