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VYPERA release new single 'Cold As Ice' from the new album 'Eat Your Heart Out'

Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the release of Vypera's debut album, "Eat Your Heart Out". Vypera is another excellent young, up-and-coming hard rock band from the Swedish rock scene, the gift that keeps on giving.

Formed by lead singer Andreas Wallström, guitarist Christoffer Thelin, bassist Andreas Andersson, and drummer Johan Pettersson, Vypera are hard rockers to the core. Emerging from the fruitful Swedish rock scene, they are yet another high quality musical offering from, arguably, the new center of the rock n' roll universe. Vypera formed as "Madhouse" in Sandviken, Sweden in 2016 as a covers band, but soon began to hunger for making their own music. They changed their name to Vypera and began writing music that they felt traveled on the same good ol' road where their influences like Rainbow, Icon, King Kobra, London, Triumph, W.A.S.P., and the like had originally started. Their musical signature is that aforementioned classic hard rock style played with immense pride...and joy.

"We are head over heels thrilled that we have been given this chance and opportunity to show you all what we've been up to musically! Frontiers Records have always had these amazing bands that we love to death, and now we have a place there?! It's sick.. but we are so up for it!! Musically, our sound is supposed to be a mix between W.A.S.P., Triumph, Rainbow and our own minds. Guess that's what happens when all of us are into that old damn good stuff! Again, we are more than excited! See you out there!!" - Vypera

“Eat Your Heart Out” Tracklist:

Slow Me Down

Standing On The Edge



Rock N' Roll


Straight For The Kill


Fool For The Night

Cold As Ice


Total length: 0.50.58


Andreas Wallström - Vocals

Christoffer Thelin - Guitars

Andreas Andersson - Bass

Johan Pettersson - Drums

Produced by Cederik Forsberg (Crystal Viper, Blazon Stone).

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