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Velvet Insane's "High Heeled Monster" is a raucous and unabashed celebration of 70' glitter rock

Velvet Insane's latest offering, "High Heeled Monster," is a raucous and unabashed celebration of 70's glitter rock, channeling the spirit of iconic bands like T-Rex and The Sweet while infusing their own modern twist. With a foot-tapping rhythm, glam-infused riffs, and a flair for theatrics, this album takes listeners on a time-traveling journey to an era of platform shoes, sequined jackets, and unabashedly flamboyant rock 'n' roll.

From the moment the needle drops on the opening track, “Bamalama Breakouts,” it's evident that Velvet Insane has mastered the art of channeling the era's energy. The stomping drums, shimmering guitars, and frontman's charismatic vocals immediately transport listeners to a glitter-soaked dance floor, paying homage to the genre's pioneers while asserting their own distinct identity. The track's anthemic chorus and catchy hooks are reminiscent of The Sweet's irresistible sing-alongs, capturing the essence of classic glam rock with finesse.

“Damage Control,” encapsulates the spirit of the album. It's infectious groove and playful lyrics evoke Marc Bolan's glam mystique, intertwining a sense of danger with irresistible charm. The guitar work struts confidently, the bass lines are both funky and formidable, and the entire composition is layered with a sense of theatricality that's characteristic of the genre.

While "High Heeled Monster" pays homage to its influences, it also showcases Velvet Insane's songwriting maturity. Tracks like “Act Together” and “Hardest of Hearts” bring a modern edge to the retro vibe, infusing contemporary elements into the glam formula. These songs demonstrate the band's ability to transcend nostalgia and craft tunes that resonate with a contemporary audience while retaining their love for the golden era of glam rock.

In “Don’t Let This Poor Boy Down,” the album takes a brief breather, showcasing the band's softer side. It's a ballad that glistens with emotion, proving that amidst all the glitz and glitter, Velvet Insane can still deliver a heartfelt moment.

Closing out the album with a bang, “Saturday Night Till’ Sunday Morning” unleashes a burst of energy that encapsulates the essence of the entire album. It's a triumphant finale, a call to arms for all the glitter warriors out there, and it leaves listeners craving more.

"High Heeled Monster" is a glorious nod to the past while asserting Velvet Insane's place in the present rock landscape. With a foot firmly planted in the glitter rock traditions of the 70s and an eye toward innovation, the album is a sparkling gem that proves glam rock's spirit is very much alive and kicking in the 21st century. Velvet Insane has crafted a sonic time machine that transports listeners to a world of glam excess, proving that sometimes, the most audacious monsters are the ones wearing the highest heels.

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