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US Hard Rock Group NEVER ELECTED Joins Sliptrick Records

One of Washington DCs most entertaining and electrifying acts, Never Elected have been writing and releasing thought provoking material based on socio-political themes over the last few years. The band was formed by Sujit Kumar and Altan Aydin with a common love for all things grunge and rock n roll. Dr. T brings the low end with melodic bass riffs and rounds off the sound with Wesley Meyer being a driving force seated behind the drums. The band has played numerous shows over the years, engaging audiences wherever they go with plans to tour this year promoting their next album release.

The band was in the process of writing their anticipated second album when the pandemic brought things to a halt. Despite not meeting each other over a period close to two years, the band managed to record and release two singles/music videos. Never Elected is now in the process of putting down the final touches on their new album Turbulent, due to be released via Sliptrick Records in the summer of 2023.

Never Elected are:

Sujit Kumar – Vocals | Dr T – Bass | Altan Aydin – Guitars | Wesley Meyer – Drums


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