Ukrainian Rock Outfit SINOPTIK Release New Single + Music Video for "Black Soul Man"

Ukrainian rock trio SINOPTIK are pleased to share the first offering from their upcoming studio LP. The group has released their new single and accompanying music video for "Black Soul Man", which fans can check out here. The occult and otherworldly track is inspired by the band's experiences after relocating from their war-torn home city of Donetsk to Kiev in 2014, after which they found themselves treated like enemies and second-class citizens by their own countrymen. Lead singer Dmitriy Afanasiev talks about his experience of moving to Kiev. "We had to leave our home and move to Kiev, and this where we as native Ukrainians were treated as some sort of second class citizens. So many people like us were segregated and oppressed just on the basis of the city of origin, where we were born. We were told that we are different and it's our fault the war started. We were faced with radical social segregation and inequality, in our own country with people of the same race. We do understand that this oppression is initiated and supported by politicians, but society is now responsible for this too" The music video for "Black Soul Man" illustrates a well told story of a mysterious character, who gives people a second chance to live on this planet. He believes in the goodness of each person, and offers them to rethink their ways and live a new better life. Even though he is killed, he keeps resurrecting and brings people back to life, hoping that one day someone will understand his ideas and implement them in their lives.

Dmitriy Afanasiev says this about the meaning behind "Black Soul Man". "Music is a tool, which should have a clear message - to change the world for better. “It’s your time to change the fate” is our main message in this song, as each of us can change his or her own destiny. And if we are united all together we have the power to alter the fate of humanity and the world. We all can change and make our planet a better place by becoming kinder to each other, more understanding and tolerant. We need to build a new future now. Now is the time for us to unite, but most of the people don’t seem to comprehend that."

SINOPTIK is: Dmitriy Afanasiev - vocals, guitar, keys Ruslan Babayev - drums Aleksandr Savin - bass SINOPTIK Online: Facebook Bandcamp Spotify

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