Tones of Rock release new single-video "Milfshake"

Tones of Rock release new single/video "Milfshake"

Three years after the last video’s release, Tones of Rock decided to break the silence and start showing signs of life again! With a renewed image, a new logo and new songs on the way, the peculiar Glam Metal / Hard Rock band from Lisbon (Portugal), breaks the suspense and returns in force to surprise its followers with the video release of their latest song: “Milfshake”!

According to reports by sources close to the band, “Milfshake” tells the story of a fan, “Mrs. Morrison”, who obsessively chased one of the band members to keep his leggings and did not rest until she got them. She is wild, she is experienced. A MILF capable of shaking anyone.

We can get an idea when we watch the video for "Milfshake". We cannot guarantee the veracity of the story !

The year 2020 promises more news from one of the only representatives of the revivalist movement of Glam Metal in Portugal.

Watch the video for “Milfshake”:

About Tones of Rock:

Tones of Rock are a Glam Metal / Hard Rock band formed by Francis Venus (voice), Danny Shred (guitar), Rick Madison (bass) and Dylan Krash (drums).

Highlighted by extravagance and personality, Tones of Rock grew up inspired by the concept of "Sex, Leggings & Rock 'n' Roll". After dozens of concerts from north to south of Portugal, the band released their debut album "Glamorized", in 2015.

In 2020, the band enters the studio to work on their 2nd album of originals, bringing to public the 1st single of their upcoming work: “Milfshake”!




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