TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK team up with Roy Z for new album "Black Waves"

The Norwegian-based heavy metal band Tomorrow's Outlook have once again teamed up with the renowned guitarist/producer ‘Roy Z‘ (Bruce Dickinson, Judas Priest, Halford, Tribe of Gypsies).

In a short video update from the band the founder and co songwriter, ‘Trond Nicolaisen‘, enthusiastically speaks about the excitement of working with Roy:

"Hi! We have a big announcement! For the post production and mixing of our new album, ‘Black Waves’, we will continue to work with our good friend Roy Z. Roy has produced some of our all-time favourite albums with Bruce Dickinson, and has also worked with Rob Halford, Judas Priest, Helloween, Yngwie Malmsteen and also our good friends from Aria. Musically we are very much on the same page and we have high expectations that Roy will take this album to the next level. Roy will also play guitar on 5 songs on the album. Stay tuned for more news!"

Black Waves is the first recording made by the current line-up consisting of Andreas Stenseth (bass), Øystein Kvile Hanssen (guitars), Valentino Francavilla (guitars), Owe Lingvall (drums) and Tony Johannessen (vocals).

In June 2019 the band made their live debut in their own backyard at the Gressholman Festival outside Harstad.

The set list consisted of mostly tracks from their latest release, ‘A Voice Unheard’, but also presented some material from the upcoming album, ‘Black Waves’.

The latter is a concept album based on actual events from Gressholman itself, stretching from 1748 to the early 1900s. They tell the story of a brutal double murder which shook their small community in Northern Norway, and also about the once vital and important trading post which met its ultimate end in a fire centuries later.

Musically ‘Black Waves’ is said to be a continuation of what the band did on their previous album, ‘A Voice Unheard’.

‘Black Waves’ track listing:


Oceans of Sadness

Black Hearts and Roses in Snow

Black Waves

Silver Ghost

Wait For The Sun

Procession To Pikeholme (Instrumental)

Lament of the Damned

When Falls The Axe

The Monument

The Calm (Aria cover)

The album is scheduled for release in mid 2021.

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