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The Cruel Intentions release new video 'Venomous Anonymous'

Venomous Anonymous is the title track of The Cruel Intentions second album! It is a heavy yet melodic track about the sweetest of bad choices filled to the brim with heavy guitar riffs and an almost melancholic melody. Because when push comes to show, we love our bad sides almost as much as we treasure our best! This is the perfect last introduction to an album filled by fun loving, but also restless and cynical songs.

Venomous Anonymous is out everywhere now!

We can’t wait to present this album to the world, and bring the best rock music, and sweetest of street styles back in focus

THE CRUEL INTENTIONS ARE: Lizzy DeVine - Vocals & Guitar Kristian Solhaug - Guitar Mats Wernerson- Bass Robin Nilsson - Drums

TRACK LIST: 1. Reapercussion 2. Venomous Anonymous 3. Sunrise over Sunset 4. Casket Case 5. Kerosene 6. Salt i Ditt Sår 7. Final Deathroll 8. Goddamn Monday 9. Bad Vibes 10. Chemical Vacation 11. City of Lice

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