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TALIESIN Release New Single C.O.T.E

Canberra based progressive metal quintet Taliesin are gearing up to release their latest single, the short and punchy C.O.T.E, giving us a taste of what’s to come when they release the album Disciple on October 6. The band states, C.O.T.E was the last song written for the album. We wanted a short and punchy song that will go down really well live.” Taliesin’s previous release, Faceless, was voted Best Australian Metal Album of 2022 on Sentinel Daily. Disciple picks up where Faceless left off in exploring the darker aspects of humanity, but with the content of this album being heavier and more progressive than its predecessor. Taliesin explains that the lyrics for C.O.T.E were inspired after lyricist Dave watched some war time footage. C.O.T.E is the first single to be released from Taliesin’s upcoming album Disciple and will be available on all streaming platforms on September 15.

Line Up:

Dave Howe - Vocals

Richard Moseley - Guitar, Keys & Vocals

Reuben Durham - Guitar, Keys & Vocals

Chris Tur - Bass & Vocals

Wayne Bateup - Drums

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