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TAINTED SAINTS Share First Single “Voodoo Girl”

Indianapolis, Indiana.  Baltimore, Maryland rockers TAINTED SAINTS have shared “Voodoo Girl,” the first single from their new ‘Self-Titled’ album. You can now watch the official lyric video for the track below. 

TAINTED SAINTS arrived December 22nd, 2023, via Eonian Records

To order TAINTED SAINTS, visit Eonian Records 

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, TAINTED SAINTS is a spinoff of other ventures. Tony and Ritchie worked together in the D.C band Winchester, among others, Jazz and Sean coming from the hard-rocking Baltimore-based Nasty Passion. Jazz and Sean were referred to Tony by a mutual friend, and the rest is history. The group began writing and performing a brand of music not typical of the music scene and performing “everywhere and anytime,” quickly building a strong and dedicated following while packing venues and opening for national acts regionally. 

Anthony Kingkirke, guitarist for TAINTED SAINTS, “The Saints camp is stoked about the release; it’s great to get our music out to a larger audience. Collaborating with Cue and Omega studios was an incredible experience; Jim Ebert and Chris Murphy (SR-71, Cowboy Mouth, The Scream, Bad Brains, Ice Cube, Everclear); remixed by Ritchie Davis Music and mastered by Anthony Focx (Ace Frehley, Aerosmith, Foreigner, L.A. Guns) provided our project with the overall feeling and sound signature we wanted to create. The tunes flat out rock.” 

Stephen Craig, EONIAN RECORDS, “We hope music fans will enjoy this new release from TAINTED SAINTS as much as we do. TAINTED SAINTS has a beautifully arranged, unique rock sound with a glam flavor. Their first official release through Eonian Records was produced by Jim Ebert (Jason Falkner, Marvelous 3, Butch Walker.) In a nutshell, you’ll find the manic energy of Mother Love Bone, the glam rock of Hanoi Rocks, and even a hint of anthemic echo from the Rolling Stones. Emphatically, TAINTED SAINTS are genuinely Rock ‘N’ Roll!" 

1. Temptation

2. Voodoo Redux 

3. Walk on Water   

4. Unspoken   

5. Wicked Little Smile  

6. Studying Susie  

7. Wasn’t Meant to Be 

8. Shades of You  

9. Voodoo Girl 


Sean Barr - Lead & Backing Vocals 

Anthony Kingkirke - Big Guitars, Little Amps, Acoustic Guitars & Backing Vocals 

Jazz - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Ritchie “Buddy Rich” Davis - Drums & Backing Vocals 

Look for upcoming dates from the band. 

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