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Swedish Hard Rockers STARMEN Release New Video "Radioactive"

Swedish hard rockers STARMEN release the first single, along with a video, for the song "Radioactive" from their fourth album, ’Starmenized’. This melodic smash hit starts the countdown to the album's release via Melodic Passion Records and Sound Pollution on September 8, 2023.

When the band released their third album, ’By the Grace of Rock 'n' Roll’ in 2021, people around the world began to seriously notice this band. In addition to an honorable second place in Sweden Rock Magazine's Juryn (The Jury), words of praise poured in from the USA, South America, Australia, Japan and Europe. Inspiring words which surely helped the band in the studio because on ’Starmenized’, you can tell, motivation is at an all-time high.

Today sees the release of the first single with an accompanying video for the song "Radioactive", which gives listeners around the world a little taste of what to expect.

"It feels great to finally be able to release this first single from the album, announces the band's frontman Kristian Hermanson with support from the others.

"We will offer a real hit cavalcade with melodious hard rock, which we hope will reach even further than what we have done before," concludes Hermanson.

Check Out the New Video for "Radioactive"

In the same style as their rock heroes from the 70s and 80s, STARMEN take their image all the way with full make-up and accompanying stage clothes, with each member having their own color. With an appearance and musical style as obvious nods to the bands from these eras, STARMEN write their own songs and are not afraid to bring the music of previous decades into the present.

'Starmenized' has a fitting graphic theme that consistently revolves around superheroes and rock stars in a retro comic book style.

Of the album's 10 tracks, STARMEN will release at least 8 videos and this is the first! The level of ambition is at its peak and there are also rumors that the band is preparing to follow up the album live.

’Starmenized’ is produced by Kristian Hermanson and is set to be released via the record company Melodic Passion Records in collaboration with Sound Pollution DistributionSeptember 8th, 2023.



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