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STORMAGE release first single "Deniers Of Reality" of their new album "Ashes Of Doom"

Already a few days after the announcement of the new album "Ashes Of Doom" STORMAGE present the first "firecracker" from the new album: "Deniers Of Reality" is the name of the song and deals with missing values, selfishness, greed, war and violence and that each individual can do something against it.

Don't say we didn't warn you: this catchy tune will make furrows in your cerebral cortex!

In the 20 years of their existence, the quartet from the German Sauerland has continuously honed their own style. For the upcoming fourth album "Ashes Of Doom" no one less than Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann (Orden Ogan) participated as co-producer. The result is a multifaceted. cleverly arranged Powermetal album, but just a touch "darker" than the rest.


01 - Overture Of The Abyss (Instrumental)

02 - Beyond The Horizon

04 - Fierce As A Dragon

05 - Slide On Your Knees

06 - Our Latest Endeavour

07 - Ashes Of My Doom

08 - The Spirit Never Dies

09 - Blood Shot Eyes

10 - Put The Hammer Down

11 - Son Of Hatred

12 - The Wind Will Take Us HomeLine-up:

Heiko Heseler - Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar

Tim Sonnenstuhl - Lead Guitar

Dirk Heggemann - Bass

Vasileios (Billy) Georgiou - Drums

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