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Storm Force Releases Music Video for Breathe Featuring Serena Pryne

Storm Force releases the music video for Breathe, featuring Serena Pryne.

Lead singer Patrick Gagliardi "When writing Breathe, I wanted to approach the subject of depression and how having a solid support system (in this case, a lover) can bring you out of the funk. I also always liked the term "Breathe" as in relax and just breathe. After the lyrics were written, Greg brought up the idea of making it a duet. This idea fit perfectly with the song lyrically. He suggested Serena Pryne and we all agreed. I love the way her and my voice sound similar, and really mesh well together. She was perfect for the song. Can't wait to one day sing it live with her"

The reviews for the debut release have been phenominal:

Don’t be surprised if Age of Fear ends up on a lot of “best albums” lists at the end of this year. - Sleaze Roxx

Age Of Fear is quite simply a melodic rock masterpiece. - CGCM Podcast

A lean, mean monster of an album that goes toe to toe with any of today’s new melodic hard rock and AOR bands. - Defenders of the Faith Metal

Led by Greg Fraser and featuring one of today’s most powerful and versatile lead vocalists in Patrick Gagliardi (formerly of Surface Tension), their debut record produced by Darius Szczepaniak (Black Crowes, Sum 41, Big Sugar) combines colossal, crushing melodic rock with hook-laden ballads and massive choruses reminiscent of vintage Cinderella, balanced by classic rock sensibilities of acts like The Who and Van Halen. The group hails from Niagara Falls, Canada and is rounded out by the blistering one-two punch rhythm section of ex-Panik and Step Echo drummer Brian Hamilton and sought-after session musician and touring bassist Mike Berardelli. Storm Force’s groundbreaking new record is the result of a rich blend of rock influences spanning Triumph, UFO, Thin Lizzy, Foreigner, and so many more, and is available on Escape Music worldwide.


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