Stephan Georg releases new album featuring former members of Accept Wasp & Bonfire

Stephan Georg is a German guitarist and songwriter. His heart beats for classic heavy rock. On his albums, prominent singers such as Tim Ripper Owens and David Reece share the vocals with lesser-known singers. Both male and female vocalists are represented.

Tight was founded by Stephan Georg in 1994 and released five albums by 2018. The band played many concerts, including as support for Bonfire.

At the end of 2019, cracks appeared in the Tight line up. In spring 2020 Stephan Georg decided to break new ground and recorded a solo-album with ex-Accept / ex Bonfire singer David Reece. The album received considerable regional and international attention. Because Corona continued to have some freedom, Stephan Georg then took up work on album number two without a long break. In addition to David Reece, ex-Judas Priest singer Tim "Ripper" Owens, ex-U.D.O guitar legend Mathias "Don" Dieth and many others were involved.Now 10 months later, on August 1st, 2021, album number three will be released, entitled “The Fire Still Burns”.

There are several innovations in this work. The rhythm section this time consists almost entirely of Stefan Drees on bass and Marco Verbücheln on drums. These two experienced experts in their field can then also be seen on planned videos.In terms of sound, compared to the first two works, a decent shovel could be put on it. With Torben Enevoldsen from Copenhagen, an experienced producer sat at the controls. Torben, who is known as the guitarist of the successful Danish band Fate, also produces the albums of the former saga singer Rob Moratti and much more.

This time too, Stephen's favorite singer David Reece should not be missing. Now also - and right away again with two titles. is singer and model Lydia Pané. Reigning Bonfire singer Alexx Stahl throws a quick metal number into the microphone. The former Bonfire bass player Uwe Köhler, now on a solo path, is also known to be an excellent singer. He proves this with "Hot As Fire". Manouca, Chris Richter and the US singer Lisa Mann are other great voices that refine Stephan Georg's third work

As an absolute star guest, Stephan was able to win the former W.A.S.P guitarist Chris Holmes, who now has his residence on the Côte d'Azur. Especially for his guest appearance, Stephan Georg and his longtime sidekick and singer Martin Brendler created a song called "Beast Inside", which would easily have fit on one of the first W.A.S.P albums in the 80s.The title “The Fire Still Burns” stands for Stephan Georg's indestructible love for heavy rock. A fire in the heart that never goes out.

Band Line-Up:

Stephan Georg – Guitars

Stefan Drees – Bass

Marco Verbücheln – Drums

Bianca Kaup - Keys

Lydia Pané – Vocals (Guest)

David Reece – Vocals (Guest)

Alexx Stahl – Vocals (Guest)

Manouca – Vocals (Guest)

Chris Richter – Vocals (Guest)

Martin Brendler – Vocals (Guest)

Lisa Mann - Vocals (Guest)

CD Track Listing:

1- Revenge of the witch – Leadvocals - Alexx Stahl

2- Kickin it – Leadvocals – Lydia Pané

3- Valley of the knights– Leadvocals David Reece

4- Eternal love– Leadvocals Manouca

5- Hot as a fire– Leadvocals Uwe Köhler

6- Lonely Flower – Leadvocals Lisa Mann

7- Beast inside– Leadvocals Martin Brendler

8- Sunrise avenue– Leadvocals David Reece

9- Words of Evil – Leadvocals –Chris Richter

10- Carries Coming (Intro) – Keys – Bianca Kaup

11- Zero tolerance – Leadvocals Lydia Pané

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