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SNAKE OIL Releases Video "Vampire" New Album Out March 29th Via Lion's Pride Music

Snake Oil’s musical prowess and exceptional stage performance has been honed over years

of performing, in a full-blown costumed “Ikons Of Rock” theatrical live show.

Prior to forming Snake Oil, all members were in various original music projects. Some made it to a status of national/international recognition, and their music is still circulating globally. Snake Oil has a growing and supportive North American fan base that has applauded the first taste of some of the original material live. Written to appeal to classic rockers, the first album is anthemic. It kicks off with driving and edgy “pump-you-up” guitar-driven rock, it weaves through a melodic path of harmony-driven songs and finishes with some acoustical gold. There is something for all from beginning to end, a non-repetitive discovery of Snake Oil.

Snake Oil released a video via social media and was contacted and signed to Lion’s Pride Music, out of Denmark. An upcoming release pending March 29, 2023, is intended to launch the band international in an effort to reach a broader audience.

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