Slammin’ Gladys Release New Song and Video “Dragon Eye Girl”

Los Angeles-based rock outfit Slammin’ Gladys unveils the music video for “Dragon Eye Girl,” following on the heels of their recently remastered, re-released self-titled album via JIB Machine Records.

Originally released in 1992, the band’s self-titled album established them as a top-tier rock group pumping out underground ‘90s groove rock. After the album’s initial appearance, Slammin’ Gladys strutted across the country on tour, receiving ardent acclaim from Metal Edge, as well as beaucoup play of their video on Headbanger’s Ball.

The appearance of grunge upset the music industry’s apple cart, yet Slammin’ Gladys is now back churning out wicked, swashbuckling rock vibes.

Made up of frontman Dave Brooks, J.J. Farris (guitar), Al Collins (bass), and Stephen DeBoard (drums), Slammin’ Gladys will release their nine-track return album, Slammin’ Gladys Two, on February 12 via JIB Machine Records, which sought the band out, pressured them to get back into the studio, and gave them autonomy to turn it on, wind it up, and turn it loose.

Slammin’ Gladys’ sound merges the heady muscle of rock, down and dirty blues, slick pop-metal, ‘70s glam stomp, and roasting funk. In other words, rock with ferocious flair.

“Dragon Eye Girl” opens on platinum-lite guitars rolling into a funky rhythm featuring a fat, popping bassline and tight, tough percussion. When the guitars ramp up and take on sleazy blues coloration, the tune roils with sweltering textures, viscous and clotted with grimy eroticism, full of lust and oily voluptuous sonic hues.

Dave Brooks’ delectable snarling voice infuses the lyrics with cap a pie, seductive sensations, with a passion at once intense and focused on the “Dragon Eye Girl,” a femme fatale whose esoteric erotica embodies the seven deadly sins.

“Dragon eye girl / Dragon eye girl / I hear the shit that your talking / Dragon eye girl / About me all over town baby / Dragon eye girl / Oh baby / Dragon eye girl.”

Directed by Eric Mittleman, the music video seethes with visceral images, complementing the raw surging energy of the music.

Without a doubt, Slammin’ Gladys is back in a big, big way, pushing out rip-snorting layers of sizzling blues-rock with fulminating force.

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