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SHOTGUN MISTRESS Release Debut Self-Titled Album and Video for ‘Bleed Me Out’

Melbourne based SHOTGUN MISTRESS have today released their highly-anticipated self-titled debut album via Crusader Records, which is available now on CD and via all digital platforms. The album has immediately caused a huge stir upon release, crashing in at #7 on the Australian overall iTunes Albums Chart and #2 on the Rock Albums Chart!

Shotgun Mistress is an explosive dose of pure indie contemporary hard rock at its most searing and exuberant. After a year of remarkable single releases, chart and radio play gains, SHOTGUN MISTRESS continues to solidify its position at the vanguard of Australian rock with this new album.

To celebrate the release of the album, the band have released a video clip for their hit single ‘Bleed Me Out’.

Watch 'Bleed Me Out'

From the relentless charge of the opening track ‘Born And Raised’, to the restrained haunting cadences of the closing ‘May She Never Walk Alone’, this collection of songs utilizes a blistering sonic arsenal to explore heightened emotional and personal terrain. SHOTGUN MISTRESS’s amalgamation of Vesuvian guitar fire, supercharged bass and drums and unleashed vocals is at times cathartic, seen in ‘No Friend Of Mine’, as well as intense and rousing, such as in the track that started it all - ‘Save Me From Myself’. Amid the myriad of grinding power riffs and chant-inducing choruses, alongside the thunderous dynamics and gritty narratives, the band’s full panoramic vehemence blazes. Voracious and uncompromising, SHOTGUN MISTRESS’s debut album is a definitive statement from a band beginning their ascent, a multi-layered yet single-minded rock album that both transcends the times, while maintaining a wildly coherent response to them.

Listen/Buy Shotgun Mistress on CD and Digital:


Shotgun Mistress was formed by Matt Wilcock (The Berzerker, Akercocke, Abramelin), an internationally renowned death-metal demon guitarist best known for playing at light speeds. He hooked up with “Diamond” David Lee on drums to jam out LA strip-era rock. Ben Curnow (EARTH) joined on bass along with vocalist Glenn Patrick (of Collegians, featuring members of Pseudo Echo and Invertigo). Shotgun Mistress was the first Australian band to join Golden Robot’s metal label Crusader Records.


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