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RED REIGN "Don't Look Back" Album Review

"Don't Look Back," the latest offering from Red Reign, proves to be a dynamic and unapologetically bold addition to the band’s discography. “Don’t Look Back” showcases the band's evolution and commitment to delivering a sound that resonates with both longtime fans and new listeners alike.

The album kicks off with the adrenaline-fueled track ’No Peace No Love” setting the tone for the entire journey. Red Reign wastes no time in asserting their presence. Reminiscent of the sunset legends of the 80s, Red Reign immediately draws you in, inviting you to embark on a rock and roll rollercoaster.

The title track “Don’t Look Back” featuring George Lynch on guitar continues the onslaught with infectious fretwork reminiscent of the Dokken early days. Red Reign demonstrates a keen sense of melody without sacrificing the raw energy that defines their sound.

As the album progresses, tracks like "Here I Am," “Darkness of Pain” and “Yesterday” showcase the band's lyrical prowess, delving into themes of resilience, introspection, and life experience. Amidst the high-octane rockers, “Open Space” provides a welcomed change of pace, revealing the band's ability to explore more nuanced and emotive territory.

"Don't Look Back" is a triumph for Red Reign, showcasing their growth as musicians and songwriters. The album is a testament to their dedication to the genre, delivering a potent mix of nostalgia and contemporary flair.

Order Red Reign's "Don't Look Back" HERE

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