Red N Rebel releases new album "One Last Chance"

It was around the end of 2014 that Angel (Jay) started thinking about forming a classic rock band, in the style of the great American bands of the 70s. Through a local musicians ad site he met Wolf Coleman (guitar) after he’d sent a demo of himself playing the classic, ´Free Bird´, the connection was immediate and from there the band began to take life with the incorporation of Raúl Martín (an old friend of Jays) on bass, Toni R on the second guitar and Mario G on drums.

Their live shows have been very popular locally and their first demo, including an early version of ´So Alone´, the classic UFO track ´Shoot Shoot´ and ´Free Bird´ that had been recorded during the sound sessions sold out in a few days.

The versions the band play in their live concerts are a declaration of their musical principles. ´Honey Hush´ (Foghat), ´Cradle Rock´ (Rory Gallagher), ´Everyday People´ (Sly and the Family Stone) together with ´Shoot Shoot´and ´Free Bird´…..

The band incorporated D. Cunillera on keyboards to fine tune the melodic aspect of the music and finally the drummer José Contreras, who, as well as bringing the energy and footprint that the band wanted has become an important part in the creation of new songs.

This formation of the band recorded and released a single, ´At the Crossroad´, which demonstrates with no possible doubt, the dimensions of the band, augmenting the aspects of Blues and Souther, and the spirit of the band definitely benefits from their own particular ´Bonzo´.

The bands objective is record an authentic classic rock album showing all they have to offer, they see it as an ´all or nothing´, a last shot and in that sense, ´ONE LAST CHANCE´ is a declaration of principles. Jay usually says he sees Red N´ Rebel as Sam Peckinpah´s ´The Wild Bunch´ in the memorable final scene, day dawning on the morning after the night before and the four facing their final destiny.

Band Line-Up:

Jose Contreras - drums

Raul Martín - bass

Wolf Coleman - guitar

Ángel Jay Jaraiz - voice

CD Track Listing:

One Last Chance


At The Crossroads



God Bless

Should Be A Law

So Alone


Family First

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