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RAHWAY Take Off With New Single "Rocketship

Let's take a trip on a spacecraft built for two on the new single, "Rocketship", from rockers, Rahway. The band consists of fellow space travelers - Nick Hade (Lead Vocals), David Cardenas (Guitar), Chigger (Bass), and Steve Cardenas (Drums/Backing Vocals).

"Rocketship" is either an explosion of sound reminiscent of "a little Velvet Revolver attitude and guitar work," says PJ Farley- Fozzy, Trixter. Or possibly an outright crash landing on the moon with debris flying everywhere. "The track is a killer hard rock tune," gushes Eddie Trunk- Sirius/XM Trunk Nation. "For sure a band worth keeping an eye on."

From the moment lead singer Nick Hade launches into the song's mission statement, "Rocketship" takes the listener on a musical intergalactic journey dispersed with hopes and dreams. The fuse becomes lit, the sparks begin flying and the earth is left to tremble in its wake. A personal one-way ticket to the moon or a revival on its way to a new colony, Rahway's, "Rocketship" will send you either way.

Be looking for more news on Rahway's 6 song EP slated for autumn 2023! Watch the lyric video below:



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