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Paul Lidel's Scream Therapy to Release Debut Album on August 29th

Paul Lidel ( Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks ) has a new band called “Paul Lidel’s Scream Therapy”. The band will release the first single of their debut album on Aug. 29. Fans of Paul’s bands Dangerous Toys and Dirty Looks, as well as fans of hard rock bands like Guns-n-Roses, Van Halen, & Aerosmith will love this aggressive, hard hitting debut. The 12 tracks are instantly memorable, and will make you want to crank it up, and sing along.

Listeners will identify with the title track “Scream Therapy”, which is about the need to “let it out” and relieve stress by screaming out loud!

Lidel says, “when I’m feeling stressed out I find it therapeutic to scream and shout. I wrote this song at a difficult time in my life, when I found that screaming, singing and writing songs helped me maintain my sanity. For me, this band is my Scream Therapy, so it made perfect sense to name the band “Paul Lidel’s Scream Therapy”. Look for the debut single “Scream Therapy” on Spotify, Apple music and all streaming platforms on Aug. 29.


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