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Paul Lidel's Scream Therapy - Album Review

Paul Lide's Scream Therapy’s self-titled debut album is a gripping and emotionally charged collection of hard-rocking tracks that showcase the artist's songwriting skills and raw, unapologetic approach to music. With stand-out tracks "Scream Therapy," "Rabbit Hole," “Alibi,” and "Run," the album delivers an intense listening experience.

The opening title track, "Scream Therapy," sets the tone for the album, immediately drawing listeners into Lidel's world. It's a cathartic journey through heavy riffs, thundering drums, and a captivating vocal performance. The lyrics reflect a profound sense of frustration and release, as Lidel belts out the chorus, urging the listener to join in on the therapeutic scream. It's a high-energy anthem that invites the audience to let go and embrace the chaos, making it a perfect introduction to the album.

"Alibi" feels like a throwback in the best way possible, embracing the unapologetic and over-the-top style of 80's metal while also delivering a modern production polish. The blend of nostalgia and contemporary execution makes it a standout in today's rock landscape, appealing to fans of both classic and current rock music.

"Rabbit Hole" takes a darker turn, with the lyrics serving as a descent into a psychological labyrinth, inviting the listener to confront their own demons creating a mesmerizing track that lingers long after the music fades.

The most poignant moment on the album arrives with "Run," a haunting and sobering reflection on the tragic events of the University of Texas tower shooting. This track delves into history, paying homage to the victims and the pain endured by those who witnessed the horrifying event. "Run" is an emotionally charged tribute, and a stark reminder of the power of music to convey powerful, real-world narratives.

Throughout "Scream Therapy," powerful vocals and musicianship lend authenticity and rawness to the album, and it's clear that every note and word comes from a place of deep personal connection.

You can get your copy of "Scream Therapy" HERE

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