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Nova Rex Releases New Doc Premiering on Prime Video!

COMING SOON ON PRIME VIDEO: Over a decade later, the follow-up to the highly praised and underrated 'Ain't Easy Being Cheesy' debuts with new real-life exploits of glam band NOVA REXwith 'Nova Rex: Ain't Easy Staying Cheesy', in partnership with Bayview Entertainment, as they continue rock-n-roll life in this hilarious 2023 documentary that recalls the hair-metal group riffing through the late 1980s hair-band era before crashing into a wall of early '90s grunge along with the ups and downs and constant mayhem of being in an 80s hair band in the 21st century. Turn it up loud!

WATCH the Trailer here:

Nova Rex is Kenny Wilkerson (co-founder), John Bisaha ({The Babys"), Greg Polcari (Britny Fox) and Shawn Lowery (Sawbladehead Designs). You may know John from the iconic band, "The Babys", "Raiding the Rock Vault", "Mighty Ducks 2" and also because he has great hair and sings his ass off! The band released their new single titled "Time Is Up For You" to all major platforms. The single is from the upcoming documentary 'Nova Rex: Ain't Easy Staying Cheesy'.


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