Nasty Reputation release new album 'After All It`s Rock n Roll'

Fast paced and melodic rock n roll, with equal roots in 80s Sunset Strip and late 90s Scandinavia. Gritty vocals with the harmonies of Def Leppard, mixed with screaming guitar parts from the heights Turbonegro and Ozzy Osbourne; this is an all you can eat buffet of all the right ingredients of rock n roll. Scoring higher on STDs than on SATs, Nasty Reputation is excactly what they claim to be; and sometimes even worse.

Nasty Reputation has been part of the Norwegian rock scene since back in 2007. But more than anyone, this lovechild of punk and metal has suffered from a severe case of the childrens disease known as «frequent line-up changes». Despite the constant uphill struggle, the band has now spent over half a decade in the incubator, recording what has to be the most anticipated debut album from a band this unknown.

The first single «Slut Machine» made it to the Top Ten-list of heavy rotated songs on Baltimore ´s 97 Underground Pure Rock Worldwide, alongside bands such as Hardcore Superstar, Volbeat and Guns N Roses. Debut album "After All It´s Rock n Roll" is currently out on all digital platforms, and it´s collecting stellar reviews and radio time all across the world.

With a hard hitting, growling essence of early 80s metal, in the alleys of WASP and Mo¨tley Cru¨e, combined with the straight forwardness and melodic sense of bands such as The Wildhearts and Backyard Babies; Nasty Reputation represents something unique. Not that anyone hasn ´t done it before; it ´s just that somewhere along the way, this magical thing went out of fashion!

Well, let ´s put it this way; Nasty Reputation don ´t do fashion, they play rock ´n ´ roll!

Band Line-Up:

TommyGun - Lead vocals and guitar

Lars the Heet - Lead guitars and vocals

Cpt. Baard - Drums

Billy McBarbie - Bass and vocals

CD Track Listing:

01- Slut Machine

02- Line of Fire

03- Riot in Hell

04- Suicide

05- After All It’s Rock n Roll

06- Wild at Heart

07- Hit on You

08- These Times

09- Freeride

10- Hell Outta You


Wild at Heart (single), 2013

Slut Machine (single), 2021

After All It´s Rock n Roll (album), 2022

Also appears on:

Party Terror (local Norwegian sampler, available on vinyl only), 2022.

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