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Mr. Myst releases new album '7 Deadly Sins'

Mr. Myst is a Belgian Sleaze Rock band founded in 2013 by guitarist Atticus Myst. Atticus Myst is also known for his energetic live shows with the 80’s heavy metal band Ostrogoth between 2017 and 2019. With his solo project "Mr. Myst", he played over 100 shows mainly in the Benelux but also in Germany and France. Supporting bands like Eclipse, Crazy Lixx, John Corabi, Marco Mendoza… & some awesome festivals like Wildfest, Paulusfeesten, Coqrock, Zandrock…

Their studio album "We Will Rise" was released end 2019 following their debut demo "Mr. Myst" in 2016 and their 2018 EP "Red LightDistrict".

In 2023 they released their anger and frustrations into their 3rd album “7 Deadly Sins” They are best defined as a cross-over of Mötley Crüe and Guns ‘n’ Roses with only one goal: to play as many shows as possible, spreading energetic rock ‘n’ roll and entertaining a wild crowd !

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