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MOB RULES Share New Single "Hymn of the Damned"

MOB RULES share their new single, "Hymn Of The Damned", via the label Steamhammer/SPV. Previously written in 2019, the song is a story of a dystopian future that holds many challenges for the world.

Who could have guessed how quickly fiction and reality can resemble each other? This makes this anthem is so timely for 2023.

In an era in which the world faces so many crises, MOB RULES wants to convey a message of hope and cohesion with their song, "Hymn Of The Damned". They don't gloss over the situation, instead seeking to strengthen faith and give courage for us to reach towards a better future.

"When we wrote this song, we wanted to tell a story. I love these parallel worlds like in Mad Max or Waterworld. We wanted to write something that gives hope and reminds us that together, we can make a difference - be it in a fictional world or the real world. A message that is becoming more and more important!"


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