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MIDNIGHT PHANTOMS unleash "Hollywood Dreams" a throwback to the 80's sunset strip era

Their first commercially released album shows Midnight Phantom in full 80s hard rock/hair metal mode with big choruses, soaring guitar work, high register vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. All songs were written by Christian Heimbucher and Stephan Wsintek. The album was produed by Christian Heimbucher.


Midnight Phantom is a two man hard rock/heavy metal/hair metal project from Hannover, the german epicentre of 80s hard rock, consisting of Christian Heimbucher and Stephan Wsintek.

Christian Heimbucher is responsible for all instruments played on the recordings as well as songwriting while Stephan Wsintek takes care of main vocal duties and melody writing.

Stephan and Christian started making music together in 1996, when Stephan asked Christian to join his school band 'Prickly Sculpin'. Over the years, they played together in several local bands, ranging from Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock, German Rock to Progressive Rock.

Inspired by their hometown heroes Scorpions and Victory as well as other 80s bands such as Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Helloween and the contemporary hair metal band Steel Panther, they startet the project Midnight Phantom in 2018 with songs Christian had written and produced over the previous years. These songs were finally released on YouTube in the spring of 2020 under the album title 'Caught in the 80s'.

Simultaneously they started working on their sophomore album and released the first two singles 'Children of the 80s' and 'Heroes never die' in september and october 2020 respectively via streaming.

Finally, their 2nd album 'Hollywood Dreams' was released december 11, 2020 via streaming. The album was produced by Christian Heimbucher. It shows the band in full 80s hard rock mode with big choruses, soaring guitar work, high register vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Band Line-Up:

Christian Heimbucher: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Progamming, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Stephan Wsintek: Vocals

CD Track Listing:

01 Forbidden Land

02 Human Race

03 Where I Belong

04 Children Of The 80s

05 Save Me

06 Order 666

07 Hollywood Dreams

08 Heroes Never Die

09 Silent Hunter

10 Voices Of The Past

11 No More Lies

12 Local Hero

13 World Between Worlds

Bonus Track:

14 Heroes Never Die [Single Edit]

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