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MANIC EDEN feat. Ron Young, Adrian Vandenberg, Tommy Aldridge & Rudy Sarzo to re-issue debut album

Adrian Vandenberg recently stated via his FB social media page that the lone album from Manic Eden would be re-released in 2021. The band featured an all-star line-up of Adrian Vendenberg (Whitesnake), Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot,Whitesnake,Dio), Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy,Whitesnake) and Ron Young of Little Caesar on vocals.

Vandenberg had the following to say about the bands only release:

I’m still very proud of this one,in my humble opinion it’s an honest,timeless,in your face bluesrock album and I still regularly play it.

I was deep in a Stevie Ray Vaughn vibe at the time and this is the only album I ever recorded where they only geetar I used is a Fender Stratocaster that I got out of an ad in Craigslist of all places.

Recorded in a very short period of time in a little, vibey, very vintage 70’s studio in L.A. Great dynamic performances by Ron Young, amigo Rudy Sarzo and the immortal brilliant drum legend Tommy Aldridge.

We released this album in the middle of the 90’s grunge fad, so the timing for an album like this wasn’t great. Not great at all, but that didn’t stop us to do what we believed in. We weren’t looked at as being ‘fashionable’ and in those days musicians that could actually play their instruments and make them sound good weren’t considered ‘cool’.

But time has shown that all four of us are still here, kicking ass with our bands and in the rock business for the right reasons!

HalleFuckinLuja guys, you won’t get rid of us that easy!


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