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Maestro bring back their original 80's hit "Black Bishop," reimagined on upcoming album "Get it on!"

Dutch rockers Maestro bring back their original 80's hit "Black Bishop," reimagined for their upcoming album "Get it on!" by Pt78 Records.

Get ready to experience the nostalgia of the 80's with the release of "Black Bishop" by the Dutch melodic rock band Maestro. Originally written in the eighties and recorded as a demo track in 1989, this timeless classic has made a powerful comeback.

Listen to the single:

"Black Bishop," a song about playing chess, was covered and released by Dutch cult metal band Vortex under a different title and lyrics in 2003. Now, Maestro is back to reclaim their song, properly recording it for their upcoming full-length album "Get it on!" by Pt78 Records.

Drawing inspiration from legendary bands like Dio, KISS, Queen, Dokken, TNT, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Queensryche, Winger, Triumph, and Y&T, Maestro's unique sound captivates fans of KISS, Y&T, Iron Maiden, Triumph, TNT, Winger, Dokken, Ratt, Yngwie Malmsteen, XYZ, and more.

Recorded and mixed at Wouter Zuiderveld's home studio in Drachten, The Netherlands (Europe) Mixed by Wouter Zuiderveld and Maestro

Mastered by Anne Alma, Dodiproductions, Baflo, The Netherlands ( Lyrics and music by Orion Roos and Bas de Jager

"Black Bishop" has been carefully mastered to embody the authentic sound of the eighties, taking fans on a trip down memory lane. A lyric video will be released soon, so stay tuned for more updates.

We hope you enjoy this exciting revival of "Black Bishop" and share the love for this melodic rock classic.



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