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Lost Boys featuring lead singer Randy O. from Odin release “From Demos To Atlantic” via FnA Records

One of the most sensational and exciting frontmen of his time, Randy O made an impact on the industry in his brief career run before eventually walking away from it completely.

Born in Pasadena California, Randy was not too far away from the members of one of his major inspirations, “Van Halen”. At 16 years old, a young Randy O went to a show at the LA Forum, where he saw Van Halen for the first time. When he saw the way singer, David Lee Roth commanded the stage, Randy knew he wanted to become a Rock N’ Roll front man. As Randy grew in his artistry, other influences bled through his vocal style, reminiscent of Rob Halford, front man of Judas Priest. He embraced the flashy and energetic persona of David Lee Roth, while singing with the powerful operatic vocals of Rob Halford.

In 1985, Randy O and his band Odin released their debut Studio EP “Don’t Take No For An Answer”. Their debut was a top selling record for “Greenworld Records,” charting in Japan for 9 months. Their success even landed them a segment in the 1988 Music Documentary, “Decline of the Western Civilization Part II” featuring bands such as Aerosmith, Kiss, and many other star studded acts of the time.

Later, Randy would leave Odin in search of other musical pursuits. Randy was signed to Vicky Hamilton’s management company (managing acts such as Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Poison and Stryper).

Randy ended up landing a record deal with Atlantic Records in 1988, and would release his first solo record in 1990 titled “Lost & Found” with his new band “Lostboys” featuring Jeff Duncan, lead guitarist of Odin and his brother Pat Gainor.

FnA Records is proud to release FROM DEMOS TO ATLANTIC, an 18 track album of demos that eventually got the band signed to Atlantic Records. Many fans of the well-known cult band ODIN will love the LOST BOYS and the growth from the early days to a captivating band that ruled the Strip.

Track Listing:

01 Lost Boys

02 Little Gypsy

03 Cool Me Down

04 Back Street Attraction

05 Misery Loves Company

06 Shot Down

07 My Way

08 Bumble Bee Lick

09 Trouble Trouble

10 Right On Track

11 In The Middle

12 The Boulevard

13 Lost & Found

14 Sea Side Lover

15 My Word To The World

16 Junk On My Mind

17 Flying Free

18 Lonely Man

The album is released as a CD, Fan Pack CD (autographed by Randy O.), and as a digital download.


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