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Long Live Rock N Roll With Calgary's Lÿnx’s New Video For Rock Anthem “Shake It Up”

Lÿnx is a pure rock n’ roll act hailing from Calgary, Canada, and thus far has released two albums to glowing worldwide reception. With records being sold from Spain to Australia, and the UK to Japan it's clear that the world is ready for rock to come roaring back into the mainstream. Their latest release is a music video for the single “Shake It Up” coming from their forthcoming album “Claws Out”.

The band dishes on what’s in store:

“Every band needs that one fast-paced shake your ass kind of song, something to get the ladies moving and the men groovin’. “Shake It Up” has all the feels from the catchy riffs to the furious guitar solo. Strong bass to keep the beat, banging drums you’ll feel in your chest, and a screeching vocal tune that may just have you coming back for more!!! Once again Lÿnx is bringing the party to you!”

For Lÿnx, this isn’t just a hobby, this is a lifestyle, and they want every one of our fans to be as ecstatic as they are about the music they create. With this upcoming release, they are trying to give fans the whole experience. If you want to tour downtown with your girl or your boys and crank up the tunes, they’ve got that, If you want to sit back and chill, and listen to some good rock, they’ve got that too. Having a party? Hell Yeah! Lÿnx should be the first album played!

The band has put a lot of energy and thought into this album, as every artist does. With their new frontman and his extraordinary talent, it’s opened a whole new list of possibilities, and the energy that is Lÿnx has just gone to the next level.

Lÿnx formed as a group that came together with a shared dream of wanting more out of life. All of them have worked jobs they hate, grinding away years of their lives without a legitimate way to live out their dreams. They share this along with one other thing - a burning desire to create. They all love music to their core, and more specifically good old rock n roll. This dream as well as the experiences they’ve had working for someone else has brought them together, and they want to make the most out of their time here.

Lÿnx is perfect for all those with the mantra “Long Live Rock N Roll” especially fans of Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, and Skid Row.

The video for “Shake It Up”

The single is available on, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Band Lineup: Ja6ur Chung - Lead Vocals Blade - Guitar, Back Up Vocals Fangs - Bass Guitar, Back Up Vocals Flash - Drums/ Percussion



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