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Kings Crown has announced the upcoming release of their debut album, CLOSER TO THE TRUTH

Swedish rockers Kings Crown has announced the upcoming release of their debut album, CLOSER TO THE TRUTH, on October 13, 2023.

“I was sitting outside our house in Spain thinking about what to do next,” explains guitarist Martin Kronlund. “I got the idea of going back in time and doing an album in the style of the ‘70s but with a modern production. The first person I contacted was Lee Small. We had been working together in Phenomena and he said ‘let’s do it.’ The same was with Anders Skoog. We had played together in Dogface and he is an amazing Hammond player and a really good songwriter. Then, Pontus Engborg joined us on drums, and he suggested BasBerra Holmgren on bass. Kings Crown was born.”

Former Gypsy Rose, Phenomena, and Dogface guitarist Martin Kronlund launches his new musical venture, Kings Crown: a musical alliance featuring the powerhouse british vocalist Lee Small (SHY, Phenomena, Sweet), along with Anders Skoog on keyboards, Berra Holmgren on bass and Pontus Engborg (Glenn Hughes) on drums.

The end result--great melodic Hard Rock with some rather tasty Hammond organs among all the guitars--is an exciting affair for all the lovers of the classic melodic hard rock sound and offers a truly enjoyable and entertaining listening experience.

CLOSER TO THE TRUTH certainly marks another excellent release from the increasingly prolific Swedish Hard Rock scene and will reward the listener with a discovery that definitely deserves credit.

Here’s the track listing for CLOSER TO THE TRUTH:

1. It's Too Late

2. Servant

3. Still Alive

4. Standing On My Own

5. Stranger

6. Down Below

7. Stay The Night

8. Closer to the Truth

9. I Will Remember

10. Don't Hide

11. Darkest of Days

Time: 0.46.27


Lee Small- Vocals

Martin Kronlund- Guitars, Backing Vocals

Anders Skoog- Keyboards

Bas Berra Holmgren- Bass

Pontus Engborg- Drums


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