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IRON SAVIOR release their long awaited new album 'Skycrest'

IRON SAVIOR release their long awaited new album 'Skycrest', out on 4th December on AFM Records.

IRON SAVIOR are about to add another classic to their discography with 'Skycrest'. The fact that Hamburg is not only the "most beautiful city in the world" but also the capital of Powermetal has been well known since the late Eighties. It should also be familiar to any friend of melodic, heavy sounds that IRON SAVIOR, the band around mastermind Piet Sielck, belongs to the the Hanseatic Metal Circus like the Reeperbahn to the Kiez. Founded as a solo project in 1996, Multitalented Sielck, who has established his reputation as both guitarist and producer, has ensured over the years that the quartet has not only grown in depth but in character.

They have released ten studio albums, one live CD / DVD, and have had many chart entries including 'Titancraft' (2016) and 'Kill Or Get Killed' (2019), and having more than 7.5000,000 streams of the anthem 'Heavy Metal Never Dies' is indicative for that the Hamburg based band is on the right track with their classic, infectious Heavy Metal sound.

Due to external circumstances, it's been some time since the release of 'Kill Or Get Killed'. Piet was busy working on new songs for two full years, although he started the songwriting for 'Skycrest' immediately after the last album. He explains:

Over the two years I sometimes lost my connection to the songs, I composed and approved them and then... I did something else first. Therefore, in the hot phase of production, when I worked intensively on it again, I was sometimes completely surprised at how good the material actually is. After almost every lead vocal that was finished, I had a new top favorite. That never happened to me before."

"During the production of "Skycrest the fortune put a few spokes in the wheel, in the form of a pandemic and a serious illness of our bassist Jan (who, thank God, has now completely recovered). That facts certainly rubs off on the creative process, but does not focus on the negative events. On the contrary, it binds the band together a good deal more. Corona also had an influence, of course, and at once precisely not. During the lockdown I´ve had a lot of time, but I couldn't manage anything creatively. I just didn't manage to write great lyrics and positive songs in this heavy times. I also didn't want this depressive „Corona mood“ to appear on the album. We don't live in Seattle and do tune our guitars, so Depression is not us. I still had to motivate and discipline myself strongly, but then things went smoothly, the ideas and the enthusiasm returned. I allowed the positive energies much more to happen than the negative ones. So the bottom line is that IRON SAVIOR is and will remain positive and uplifting."

For all these reasons, 'Skycrest' has become a very personal album, sometimes subtly

inbetween the lines of the lyrics, sometimes rather drastic, especially in the ballad 'Ease Your Pain' performed by Jan. 'Skycrest' sees power metal at its best, the joy of playing that the pandemic won't ruin, guitar solos right on the spot, perfect hooks, catchy choirs and the extraordinary raspy voice of Piet, the band brings all this, adding another classic to their discography. The recording took place again in the Powerhouse Studios by Piet himself, who is also responsible for producing the album.

Finally Sielck promises: “I think SKYCREST has all the potential to become one of the best albums that IRON SAVIOR have ever released and it alines with highlights such as the highly acclaimed self-titled debut “Condition Red“ and „The Landing“. "Skycrest" got what it takes to become another milestone in the IRON SAVIOR history. Time will tell."

Piet Sielck (vocals, guitars), Joachim “Piesel” Küstner (guitars), Jan S.


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