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Immortal Sÿnn Sheds Light on their Recent Release

From the heart of Denver, heavy metal band Immortal Sÿnn is celebrating the release of their captivating power ballad, "In Æternum," part of the intriguing "Anamnesis" saga. A piece infused with emotions and stories, the drummer Axel Berrios shares the creative journey behind the band's new offering.

“There were two different processes of creativity. Personally, I start with the music. I wanted to create a power ballad, inspired by my childhood influences like Scorpions, Helloween, and Sonata Arctica,” says Berrios. Once the musical framework took shape, Axel started crafting the lyrics, using an unsent letter he once wrote to a girl he was in love with, as the foundation. The lyrics of the final chorus came first: “I’ll meet you again, my heart will find a way without this pain.” This emotional line sparked the connection with the ongoing “Anamnesis saga” narrative.

Berrios sought inspiration from people around him to develop the storyline, remembering their saddest memories. He elaborates, “From losing brothers, parents, sons, friends, lovers, it finally came to be the most shocking song, at least for me, that I have listened to.”

The unique combination of Duel Shape's lead vocals and the female voice of Azura Onessa, which Axel Berrios praises as one of his favorite sections of their entire catalogue, further elevates the piece's dramatic intensity.

"To a personal level, it holds a special place in my heart," Berrios confesses. "In my case I used a letter that was never sent to a girl I was in love with. I know my bandmates have some stories of their own that can relate to this song." The drummer also hints at the hidden connections tying together the entire "Anamnesis saga," a recurring theme that shows the three songs are interwoven, enhancing the saga's cohesive narrative.

Regarding the band's evolution, Berrios believes that "In Æternum" marks the next step in their musicianship. "Our goal as a band has been keeping the sound of the music that we grew up listening to but having that newer sound that has been coming in the past years," he explains. However, fans shouldn’t expect the same sound in their future releases. "It is a taste of how we can arrange our songs."

“I really hope our fans can connect to this song in two different ways,” says Berrios, as he elaborates on the band's connection with their fans. Fans of storytelling in songs, like Dream Theater's "Scenes From a Memory," and those who have lost a loved one, could find solace in this song. It’s a song that helps us to continue our life, knowing that we will meet that person in the afterlife.

Immortal Sÿnn, known for their old-school sound in the modern heavy metal scene, have previously shared the stage with acts such as Raven, Exmortus, and Flotsam and Jetsam. Their distinctive sound is a fusion of the raw speed of thrash metal with the gritty riffs of NWOBHM, inspired by legends like Judas Priest and Queensrÿche.

With the release of "In Æternum," Immortal Sÿnn invites fans to join them on their ongoing musical journey. As the epic continuation of the "Anamnesis" saga, the track promises to provide an intimate insight into the band's personal journey, as well as their evolving musicianship. Their next single is sure to be eagerly awaited by fans worldwide.


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