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Hot Hell RooM: Evolving their sound with "Remembrance"

Hot Hell RooM have just released their latest single "Remembrance," which is featured on their album "Kingdom Genesis" released on April 8th, 2022. The album showcases the band's unique blend of heavy metal, hard rock, gothic metal and progressive music.

Loïc Malassagne, the band's vocalist and guitarist, described the creative process behind the new release and the themes that inspired it: "This is the first song on the album that we wrote during the pandemic and lockdown. It was a different experience for us as we had to work remotely from our homes. Once we were able to meet in person, we entered Hybreed Studios with producer Andrew G, who had also worked with us on our previous albums. To have a different and warm sound, we called on Maor Appelbaum for the mastering," said Malassagne. Appelbaum has worked with a number of well-known bands, including Rob Halford, Dream Theater, Sepultura, and Dokken.

Hot Hell RooM's evolution as artist is reflected in the new release. "We had more time to work on this album, which allowed us to experiment with different arrangements and vocal techniques. We focused on harmonizing higher and using heavier elements. Although we are on the border of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Rock, this new album leans more towards the Heavy Metal side. We sometimes accentuate one of these facets, intentionally or unintentionally", Malassagne said. "For those who know us they will notice an evolution compared to the previous albums and I think they will like it and for the new ones who discover us, if they like Heavy Rock with dark touches, they won't be disoriented!"

With "Remembrance," Hot Hell RooM continues to push the boundaries of their sound, offering their fans an evolution in their music that is sure to captivate and inspire.


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