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Hevilan releases "Devil Within (pt.2) - Hammer of Gods", first single from the new album

metal band Hevilan releases the first single from the new album. The track "Devil Within (Part 2) - Hammer of Gods" is now available on all digital platforms and in lyric video format on the band's YouTube channel. This is the first new song since 2013, when Hevilan released the debut album 'End of Time'. "Not by chance, we chose this song, one of the most direct tracks on the new album, criticizes abusive religions. I think Hevilan fans, and heavy metal fans in general, will like it!", Explains guitarist Johhny Moraes. Regarding the new album, Johhny emphasizes "The expectation with the 'Symphony of Good and Evil' is to awaken the questioning and touch the intellect of the Hevilan fan and also of the metal fan in general. It is a little different from the album our first album, musically presents epic songs, with a lot of weight and lyricism, as it was in 'End of Time', but it also has two ballads, our longest and shortest music ever released, works with a palette of contrasts more comprehensive and bigger than the first album. We questioned about religion, reality, the limit of our senses, our internal conflicts and the existence of a purgatory in the afterlife, if it exists, what would this place be like ".

‘The Symphony of Good and Evil’ is a conceptual record, based on the idea of ​​the conflict between good and evil within the human being. The songs bring the weight and melody characteristic of the band. ‘Symphony of Good and Evil’ will be released worldwide by Brutal Records, on March 19th.

Formed in 2005 by the idea of ​​guitarist Johnny Moraes (ex- Warrel Dane and Pastore) to create a project with a heavier, melodic and worked style, Hevilan started his career with the release of the EP 'Blinded Faith', which served to introduce Hevilan to the public and specialized critics. The debut album ‘The End of Time’ was released in 2013 in Brazil and Japan and in 2015 across Europe, by the label Massacre Records, yielding great success and repercussion in the media. The album took the success of the Brazilian band to the world in the best possible way, winning more than 60 shows, among them, opening for the band Masterplan, 10 shows opening for the project Edu Falaschi Metal Classics, playing as opening and support band, from the singer, between 2014 and 2016 and the special 10th anniversary show, at the late Gillan´s Inn Rock Bar in São Paulo - which featured the special participation of Vitor Rodrigues and Warrel Dane. In 2019, the band performed the closing show of the “End of Time tour” at SESC Santo André, with the special participation of Edu Falaschi and the legendary singer Mario Pastore.


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