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HELLPASS release new single “Oath To The Metal Gods”

Hellpass is a Heavy Metal band based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Founded by its original members (Vasilis on vocals, Aggelos on guitar & Alexander on drums) Hellpass' sound consists by a variety of the members' heavy metal, doomy, as well as thrashy influences. Some melodies of the band's vocals root back to the glorious Viking folk genre.

The band members have a decade of experience on stage, most of them being involved in many other bands and music styles in the past such as Snakebones, Checkmate, Blue Gin, Blue Mist, Pandora’s Prophecy, Broken Roles, The RnR Project Vienna.

Hellpass released it under the name 'Gates of War 2023' on the 15th of February 2023, referring to the worldwide crisis and events of this eventuous year. The album was recorded and produced by Render Productions and the sound engineer Ilias Palapelas. Their Music Videos are produced by the companies Ichochroma Productions in Association with Television Productions, and ImageNation Studios.

In the end of 2022 and till the beginning of 2023, Hellpass released 2 Single Chapters of their Debut Album in Music Video Version. One of them is the single “Oath To The Metal Gods”.


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