Hart & Bowes release new album "Blackwater Whiskey"

‘Blackwater Whiskey’ is the debut album of Hart & Bowes. Born from the restrictions of the pandemic, the duo decided to vent their frustration by rocking people’s socks off! Hard rocking tracks with bluesy vocals and hooks you can hang your hat on. Produced by Rach Espinosa and Hart & Bowes, this album hits the ground rocking.

Influences for the album: Exciter, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Rainbow.


Rocker Hart is a Hard Rock guitar player born and raised in Canada of Ottawa, Ontario. His interest in playing guitar started at age eleven and was inspired by local musician John Ricci of the Heavy Metal band ‘Exciter’. Learning through books, instruction video tapes and many practices, he was determined to play like John. His love for music began to grow and throughout the years has created original music and completed many projects such as Jingles, advertisements and helping other aspiring musicians. He is also a member of ‘Blacksxord’ and ‘Synthia’

Ron D Bowes cut his teeth as a bassist and vocalist in various semi-pro rock and progressive rock bands during the 70s and early 80s. He has worked with many musicians including David Jackson (ex-‘Van Der Graaf Generator’ and Trevor Thornton (ex-‘Asia’ and ex-‘Saxon’). He has carved out a reputation as a consummate blues rock solo artist. He is also a member of blues rock outfit ‘Partners in Crhyme’ and a member of classic-rock band ‘The Kingstorm’.

The two musicians had collaborated together on a few tracks, but had no long term plans. Then due to world events the two found they had a lot of spare time on their hands and decided to put it to good use by working on co-writing songs. The chemistry began to work and Gary and Ron became familiar with what the other was capable of. A magic mix of hard rock meeting blues rock came together and the band was formed

Together they are the rocking tour de force known as Hart & Bowes

Band Line-up:

Gary Hart: Guitars, Drum programming

Ron Bowes: All vocals, Bass guitar

Track Listing:

1. Blackwater Whiskey

2. Why Don’t You Go

3. Billion Dollar Heist

4. Waiting For You

5. Treat Me Like A Clown

6. Take The Sword

7. Struck By Love

8. Fire In The Hole

9. Oblivion

10 Just Got Lucky

11. First Blood

12. Mississippi Girl

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