HARD ROCK SUPER GROUP, BLACKTHORNE: Reissues Sole Album onto Vinyl

When you combine former members of bands such as Kiss, Rainbow, Quiet Riot, and Alcatrazz you get the hard rock super group, Blackthorne. In 1993 Bob Kulick (Guitar), Graham Bonnet (Vocals), Frankie Banali (Drums), Jimmy Waldo (Keyboard), and Chuck Wright (Bass) released their legendary debut and sole Blackthorne album, Afterlife.

The album includes bonus live unplugged performances of ‘Afterlife’ and ‘We Won’t Be Forgotten’. Also included are demos cuts of songs, ‘Wild Inside’, ‘Get My Heart Out Of Here’, ‘Afterlife’, and ‘ Baby You’re The Blood.’ The notable title track ‘Afterlife’ is a big powerhouse rock song that sets the stage for the entire album of heavyweight talent and shredding vocal screams by Bonnet.

After twenty-seven years of the initial release of Afterlife, music label Renaissance Records has announced that they will be reissuing this hard rock album onto deluxe vinyl. This deluxe 180-gram vinyl will include a gatefold, lost photos, lyric sheet, and trading cards of each band member.

Afterlife by Blackthorne is available now for pre-order from renaissancerecordsus.com.

'Afterlife' Track List

  1. Cradle To The Grave

  2. Afterlife

  3. We Won’t Be Forgotten

  4. Breaking The Chains

  5. Over and Over

  6. Hard Feelings

  7. Baby You’re The Blood

  8. Sex Crime

  9. Love From The Ashes

  10. All Night Long

  11. Wild Inside [demo]

  12. Get My Heart Out Of Here [demo]

  13. Since You Been Gone

  14. Afterlife [demo]

  15. Baby You’re The Blood [demo]

  16. Afterlife [live]

  17. We Won’t Be Forgotten [live]

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