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Hanoi Rocks Bassist Sami Yaffa “Crashing Down” New Single, Album

In addition to Hanoi Rocks, Finnish rock legend Sami Yaffa, is known from his work with Michael Monroe's band, Demolition 23, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts and New York Dolls. Sami released his first solo album, The Innermost Journey To Your Outermost Mind, in autumn 2021. Praised by the music press worldwide, the album also won the Emma nomination (Finland's version of Grammys) for the rock album of the year. The mysteriously named Satan's Helpers War Lazer Eyes and The Money Pig Circus is Yaffa's second solo album, released this March by Livewire/Cargo. "My first solo album, The Innermost Journey To Your Outermost Mind, was so well received that I simply decided to make another one. The recordings have taken a couple of years and took place in Finland, Sweden and Spain. In addition to myself, I have my touring band playing on this one, which includes guitarist Linde Lindström and keyboardist Burton of the band HIM, and my childhood friend, drum and percussion maestro Janne Haavisto, who also played drums on the previous album as well. Those guys became my permanent band, and with this line-up we got down to business. The songs on the album reflect the chaotic world we live in, my own personal strange experiences, and the sordid true stories of the past," says Yaffa. Yaffa produced the album himself, along with his debut album engineer Erno Laitinen. Yaffa also got several familiar guests to join the recordings. "I got some of my good old pals with me again, whose musical talents I admire enormously. I got Michael Monroe, Nasty Suicide, Dregen, Steve Conte, and Rich Jones to kick arse on the album. Rich Jones is also responsible for the album's wonderful cover art. Making this album was just as great a joy to make as the previous one. I hope it will carry on to the listeners as well."


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