HALESTORM releases new video "Back From the Dead"

Back From the Dead" is written about my mental health journey over the past few years. I was going through a really hard time, as we all have been in our own ways. I found myself standing on the edge of the world getting completely lost in my own oblivion, but once again music saved me and through writing my truth, I didn’t just let the darkness and depression in my mind dig me an early grave. I've erased my name from my headstone, so save your prayers, I’m Back!

The video was so much fun to film! Dustin Haney is an amazing director. Dustin and his team really helped bring my words to life and the video is one of the most cinematic pieces we've done in years! I hope this song, as I pass it on…reminds YOU of YOUR individual strength and that you are not Alone.

Raise your horns!

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