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GUTTER QUEENS release new album "I.O.U."

The new release I.O.U. was meant to be a demo, the result was so good that it would be a pity not to make it public. With their musician friend Luci they recorded three songs in his studio in the Rote Fabrik in Zurich. The songs were recorded in two days: completely raw, without overdubs, frills and editing. Just like the Gutter Queens are - wild, untamed but to the point.

- Sparkling Bombs: This kick-ass rock number reminds you of the good old days when rock n roll was dangerous. The song is fresh, bold and full of energy.

- Road to Nowhere: A ballad belongs in the repertoire of every rock band. This challenge was big, but the result was even bigger. The love song is full of emotion with percussive interludes and wistful guitar lines.

- I.O.U.: This song is about Pay-Back-Time. Enough of the daily bleeding for others. The song reminds of the 80s and has besides Hard Rock also New Wave elements, the repetition and the rhythm make this song a catchy tune.

The B-Side is a re-release of the sold-out 7" vinyl singles and the CD-EP, which were released on a Zurich label but sold out completely. Since the demand is great, they decided to re-release them.


Gutter Queens are a wild bunch. Sometimes they call themselves Rock Sluts and are probably the most exciting and spectacular Band to come out of Switzerland. They're ready to conquer the World with lots of Charme, Make-up, High Heels, Feather Boas, Glitz and Glamour and are the «New Definition of Glam Rock». With a Sound reminding of the good old days when Rock N Roll was a Lifestyle and dangerous. They create a fresh, high energetic and unique mix of 70s Glam, 80s Sleaze and a delighful scent of Punk Rock. Live they're a Sight to see and outrage on Stage. A wild show topped with glamtastic Outfits, in-your-face Attitudes and an untamed Rock'n'Roll.

The Gutter Queens have a fantastic Media Presence including several TV Appearances, Radio Shows as well as Interviews or Live and CD Reviews in the international Daily, Weekly or Music Press. Sometimes tey get compared to bands like the Stooges, Hanoi Rocks and of course the New York Dolls, which certainly had an impact on their Attitude and Music. Furthermore they count Mötley Crüe, Turbonegro and Guns N'Roses to their Influences. But they're much more than another Band in the global Rock Circus. They have the guts to take the best there is in Music, freshen it up and approve it with their own unique Style. They innovate and create their own Thing.

They released various Demos and the two Albums «Viva Las Divas» and «Hot In Hollywood» which had sold-out in a short time. The Gutter Queens contributed many Songs for Samplers and Compilations around the world, from Japan to the UK and from the US to Italy.

Band Line-Up:

Jim Juvenile: Lead Vocals

Mephista Memphis: Guitars, Backing Vocals

Calmo Sideburn: Bass, Backing Vocals

Elvira Tarantalla: Drums, Backing Vocals

Vinyl Track Listing:

1. Sparkling Bombs

2. Road To Nowhere

3. I.O.U.

4. Teenage Wasteland

5. Hot In Hollywood

6. Get Glamed With Rock N Roll

7. Bonus (Suffragette City)


Recording, Mixing & Engineering: Lucy Loo @ Roiberhööhli Rote Fabrik Zurich

A-Side Music, Lyrics & Arrangements: Sarah Mephista Schmid

B-Side Music, Lyrics & Arrangements: Gutter Queens

Percussions: Mani

Mastering: Tonmeisterei Oldenburg

Pre & Post Produktion: Calmo Sideburn

Rock Royals Records, July 2020

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