Guitarist Sammy Boller Releases New Video For “Path Of A Heart”

Over the course of music history, the city of Detroit has been known to produce some of the finest musicians around. Included in that list is shred guitar virtuoso Sammy Boller, as he releases his new track “Path of the Heart,” available today via Candyrat Records on all digital service providers. The scorching new track showcases Sammy’s dexterous talents in terms of both songwriting and playing capacity, proving that sometimes the guitar is the only “voice” needed to create beautiful soundscapes and ferocious dynamics.

Those familiar with Detroit and its surrounding areas will recognize the historic Redford Theatre as the backdrop to the “Path of the Heart” music video. Sammy makes his guitar histrionics look completely effortless as he deftly moves between dynamics and techniques, giving a one-man clinic to a theater that is empty due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, venues across the nation have been devastated by the ongoing pandemic, which gave Sammy the impetus to film at the theatre that has been in operation since 1928. However, even in the midst of struggle and strife, the light on the arts will never go out as represented by the ghost light on stage next to Sammy.

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