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Grim Justice announce their third self-published studio album "Justice in the Night"

Grim Justice are proud to announce their third self-published studio album "Justice in the Night". The album features brand new songs such as the recently released single “Curse of the Moon” written by front-woman Michela, as well as songs from their founding period. Like the previous releases, “Justice in the Night” features mid-paced hard and heavy metal songs with Michela’s unique, powerful vocals. “Justice in the Night” is a very passionate and personal album that was recorded after a challenging period for almost all band members. The opening title track is a thrilling, fast-paced track composed by lead guitarist Thomas. It is the Austrian musicians’ reckoning with our societies’ abusive and toxic individuals who do not refrain from walking over corpses to indulge their greed and privileges. In the song “(This) Dark Soul (of Mine)”, which is musically strongly inspired by Iron Maiden, frontwoman Michela processes her coming to terms with depression. Grim Justice remains faithful to their signature style, but with the hard rock ballad “Hey Angel” they venture into more mainstream terrains. The closing track "When Night Falls" is a more familiar mid-paced song, which indeed is the very first song that Thomas and Michela wrote together back in 2011. A new edition of their hit-song “Argus” is included as a bonus track.

“Justice in the Night” is releasing exclusively in digital format on November 25 on Bandcamp and on all major streaming platforms.

Links: Pre-order Justice in the Night on Bandcamp: Pre-save Justice in the Night on Spotify: Watch the Official Music Video of Curse of the Moon on YouTube:

Photo Credits: © Verena Ettl-Weber


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