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Fan-Crafted Animation Breathes Life into Alice Cooper's "Dead Don't Dance"

Alice Cooper's song, "Dead Don't Dance," has been given an unofficial release through a fan-crafted animation video.

In the world of music, dedicated fans often play an integral role in promoting and celebrating their favorite artists. The unofficial animation video for "Dead Don't Dance" is a prime example of this passionate fan culture. Created by Joshua Smith at PE18 (

The animation video takes viewers on a visual journey through a haunting and surreal landscape that complements the song's dark and mysterious narrative. It's a testament to the enduring influence of Alice Cooper's music that fans are inspired to invest their time and energy in such projects.

This animation, while unofficial, captures the spirit of Alice Cooper's theatrical style and the song's eerie atmosphere. It serves as a testament to the deep connection that fans have with an artist's work, often interpreting it in their own unique ways.

In a digital age where fan communities can easily collaborate and share their creations, this fan-crafted animation video serves as a reminder of the symbiotic relationship between artists and their followers. Alice Cooper's music has inspired countless individuals to express their creativity, whether through fan art, fan fiction, or, in this case, animation.

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