Ex-W.A.S.P. Guitarist CHRIS HOLMES Drops 'The Devil Made Me Do It' Music Video

Former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes has released the official music video for the song "The Devil Made Me Do It". The track is taken from his "Under The Influence" EP, which came out in December 2018.

"Under The Influence" was recorded in Cannes, France, where Holmes has lived since 2014.

According to Holmes, the lyrics to his songs are "just things that I've done in the past." "The Devil Made Me Do It" is "about drinking and driving. It's saying 'the devil made me do it.' It's about reality. It's not about the cosmos."

As previously reported, the documentary film "Mean Man: The Story Of Chris Holmes" will be made available on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on January 15.

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