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Electric Angels: A Glimpse back into the Glamorous Era of 80's Rock n Roll

Rock music has always been a canvas for artistic expression, rebellion, and an exploration of human emotions. Born from the vibrant Sunset Strip scene in Los Angeles in the late 80's, and eventually relocating to New York City in search of that elusive record deal. Electric Angels brought a blend of infectious melodies, flamboyant style, and raw energy that captured the essence of their era.

Electric Angels burst onto the scene with a lineup featuring frontman Shane, lead guitarist Ryan Roxie, bassist Jonathan Daniel, and drummer John Schubert. Their music, like the name suggests, was charged with a vibrant and energetic spirit. Fusing elements of glam rock with a raw, gritty edge, their sound was a sonic representation of the era's excesses and rebellious attitude. Characterized by their decadent fashion sense, theatrical performances, and catchy, guitar-driven anthems. Drawing inspiration from bands like Aerosmith, New York Dolls, and Mötley Crüe, Electric Angels created a signature sound that blended the raw energy of rock with the polished melodies of pop.

Their debut album, released in 1990, showcased their musical prowess with tracks like "Rattlesnake Kisses" and "True Love and Other Fairy Tales." The album's sonic landscape was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from the upbeat and celebratory to the introspective and heartfelt. With their eye-catching visuals and infectious tunes, Electric Angels quickly became a favorite among fans. The single, "Rattlesnake Kisses," received airplay on rock radio stations as well as Mtv introducing the band to a wider audience. Despite their undeniable talent and the initial buzz surrounding their debut, Electric Angels' journey was short lived disbanding after only one album.

Fast forward 25 years and the band released "Lost In the Atlantic" songs that were meant for their sophomore album. Capturing glimpses of what was so magical about the debut release, songs like "New York Times," "War is Over," and "Ain't Going Home With You" reminds us of everything that made fans fall in love with Electric Angels.

Electric Angels' music was a perfect complement to the glamorous and carefree lifestyle of the era. Their blend of rock and pop sensibilities allowed them to appeal to a diverse audience, from die-hard rock fans to those more inclined towards mainstream pop.

The story of Electric Angels might be one of untapped potential, but it's also a reminder of the rich diversity that defined the 80s music scene. As we look back on the legacy of Electric Angels, we're reminded that music is not just about the commercial success or chart-topping hits; it's about the emotions, the memories, and the impact it leaves on both the artists and their fans. While they may not have achieved household name status, Electric Angels remain a cherished part of the tapestry of 80's rock, a band whose electric spirit shined brightly.

By: Josh Smith for

Listen to the Ryan Roxie podcast below to learn more about the Electric Angels.

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