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DIAMOND DOGS to drop new record "About The Hardest Nut To Crack" on September 29th

One of the world's finest pure rock & roll bands, still doing it just how they please, sounding better than ever. The new record "About The Hardest Nut To Crack" was recorded live. The album features twelve brilliant tracks, all mixed/produced/written and arranged from scratch at Strawberry Studios over eight days in the early spring of 2023.

Diamond Dogs are a Swedish rock group formed 1991 by Sulo, Boba Fett, and The Duke of Honk in Katrineholm, Södermanland. Influenced by British Early 1970's Rhythm & Blues.

After making highly acclaimed demo tapes with star producer Max Martin in 1991. Diamond Dogs shortly thereafter went into Sunlight Studio with producer mastermind Tomas Skogsberg. The first single "Blue Eyes Shouldn't Be Cryin" from the debut album "Honked" launched in 1993, made its way onto rotation on MTV's classic hard rock show Headbangers Ball. It became the start of a successful journey that eventually took Diamond Dogs to worldwide cult status.

Diamond Dogs, one of rock's most dynamic stage performers, have over the years built a large reputation for their energetic live shows often stretched out to over three hours. Great special features are the charismatic stage antics singer Sören "Sulo" Karlsson, as well as Henrik "The Duke of Honk" Widen's innovative use of the piano as a lead rock instrument, a pioneer in sound and style for gritty rock'n'roll keys. Sulo is the group's main songwriter, and The Duke of Honk serves as the artistic leader.


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